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It’s YOUR Body, YOUR health, YOUR life. Silence unsolicited advice and be a member of YOUR care team. Know what you’re fighting, and how you can help your doctors help you the most. 

Cancer may take over your calendar, but YOU can keep it from taking over your life. Optimize treatment, minimize side effects, and live as boldly as possible.

I see you tossing & turning all night, losing precious sleep you need to help you fight with all you’ve got. Conquer your fears and live in the present. After all, it’s truly a gift.

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That was the first chapter. In this FREE COURSE you'll learn what feeds the 3 main types of breast cancers, how doctors come up with your care plan, and how you can help your care team give YOU the best care possible.

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What Our Customers Say

I found PWCG through a freebie on Pinterest, and I’m so glad I was there that night or I wouldn’t have stumbled across this gem. She helped me worry a little less so I could sleep at night. I knew better what I was up against and how I could fight it.

Lorelie Epstein

The information in the free mini-course alone is invaluable because you see what you’re fighting and how doctors will treat you. It’s so worth it to go ahead and choose a plan. She’ll guide you through appointments and treatment and has great tips to help you manage side effects and get the most out of your fight against breast cancer. 

Kelly Cartwright

You might be able to find the information in this course for free across the internet, but it will still cost you a lot of time and headache. She’s already done all the research for you so you don’t have to take even more time to figure out the best diet, exercise, and other courses of action to optimize your breast cancer treatment and minimize side effects. 

Paula Simmons

Why Hire Me as a Navigator in
Your Breast Cancer Fight?

I’ve been where you’re at right now. You want the help you need to silence your fears, get back your sleep, and slay this disease. You already have plenty of doctors, nurses, and other care staff. You don’t need another professional who gives you treatment from the outside in, who’s never seen what it’s like from the patient’s point of view. You need someone who knows what it’s like from the inside looking out. 

I’m a fellow survivor: someone who continues to search for the best ways to slay this disease. I hope you’ll join me so we can fight together. I’ve learned to face this disease with a peaceful approach so I’m not stuck in that vicious cycle of stress and fear that perpetuate the heightened risk of recurrence and metastasis. I’ve also learned what foods and activities I need to add to my lifestyle to optimize treatment and minimize side effects. I also know we can continually learn, and I’ll keep on learning and sharing. 

I plan on using a portion of what I earn through my course to help fund my missions, but that depends on how much help I get through purchases of courses and calendars. If I don’t have money coming in to fund these passions I won’t be able to continue to help you or inspire other survivors. PWCG’s goal is to offer FREE GLAMOROUS photo shoots for up to 13 survivors a year. Pictures are featured in our calendar to give hope to the newly diagnosed and restore confidence in survivors. You can watch scenes from our most recent photo shoot below.

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