Cover Cost of a Calendar




If you feel COMPELLED TO actually pay for the calendar I gave you in person you can pay $25 here.

I’m no longer fulfilling inventory.

Going in to check if I need to fulfill inventory each and every day has resulted in an EMOTIONAL cancer for me.

What was once meant to bring me AND others joy has made me bitter

and I don’t want to spread that bitterness to others.

So I’m putting an end to that right now.

I paid for these calendars MYSELF, ahead of time.

The photo shoot, the printing, all the advertising, the website maintenance, you name it.

I got about $600 from a gift market I hosted when this was attempted as a 501c3,

and a few of the ladies in this calendar actually encouraged others to buy the calendar.

In all, I may have gotten about $700 or $800 worth of assistance

for a project that cost over $12,000.

I managed to pay for this because my dad and step mother passed away

and left money behind I wasn’t expecting.

I could have used that money to remodel my house and get out of this

town that’s so much about take, take, take, and me, me, me,

and live in the country where I don’t care any more, and

just want my husband home in case this cancer comes back

and my kids have no one but him left to rear them up for the rest of their childhoods.

I felt compelled to share in an experience for other survivors and THOUGHT

it would support itself as a way to pay it forward for fellow survivors.

So far (at the time of this posting) I’ve been proven VERY DISAPPOINTED in humanity.

And YES, I DO get traffic here EVERY DAY.

So it’s not that no one knows.

If you don’t help with this then this project ends with this 2020 calendar.

There will be no more.

I wanted this to be a seed for future calendars.

We’ll see where that goes.

I’m not going to jump through any more hoops to prove this is a worthy cause.

The calendar ITSELF was a way to celebrate STILL BEING ALIVE.

Shouldn’t that be enough ? ? ?

I was going to take at least 50% of the profit and give it to people like Stephanie Sasser,

who could use it for her medical bills.

I’m sorry Stephanie. I failed you (unless OTHERS realize that I CAN”T do this ALONE).

Who gives a flying flip about a calendar when they have a planner, or an electronic calendar, right? I mean, I’VE BEEN HEARING CRICKETS ON HERE and I’VE BEEN HEARING CRICKETS IN PERSON.


No one cares unless you’re Susan G. Freaking Komen.

Guess what? She’s a ghost.

At one point she actually was a person.

At one point her calling in her passing was to BRING AWARENESS to breast cancer, and the signs & symptoms

We are WAY beyond awareness and being aware of our bodies.

We want to find a cure.

So now Susan G. Komen, THE CORPORATION and NOT the person

is going to tell you to buy their freaking products that they’ve slapped with a pink freaking ribbon.


If they’re selling their crap in Walmart then they don’t need your money.

I’ve heard they charge SURVIVORS, even STAGE IV SURVIVORS to participate in their race.


and not ask THEM where their money is going.

I ALREADY paid for this calendar, and was HOPING to pay it forward.


If you’re a business, and you’d like me to say you bought a calendar I’ll at least mention your name the day I see that you


and didn’t just say you would in social media comments somewhere.

If you want more than that then stay tuned.

I MAY have an advertising package put together


I feel it’s worth my time.


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