PWCG VIP Membership


Make connections with other survivors in a community where you can regain some hope and restore your confidence in yourself.

Come to Pink Warrior Calendar Girls’ VIP Support Group where you are empowered:

1) as a newly diagnosed survivor, navigating your treatment of chemo, radiation, and surgeries.

2) as a survivor figuring out your new normal

a) dealing with side effects

b) dealing with the loss of our old self – – abilities to carry on daily in our job (or at home), abilities to be a good wife/mother, abilities to maintain meaningful relationships

c) regaining a sense of body positivity. Let’s face it, treatment often takes away our sense of femininity when it takes away our hair – – even our eye brows and eyelashes, and removes what we often view as a critical part of our womanhood: our breasts that               once gave us curves and possibly nurtured our children)

3) in kicking cancer’s butt in the most powerful ways possible

a) balance between allowing ourselves to indulge in small cravings (food and otherwise) BUT not get lost in those indulgences

b) get to the root of our bad habits in order to change them

c) establish better eating habits

d) maintain a consistent exercise routine

e) stay hydrated

f) manage good sleep habits

g) control our emotions & stress

h) have purpose in our lives

i) make better consumer choices

5) Celebrate living more intentionally. Cancer is a wake up call for many of us to remember to live fully in the small moments because those are actually the biggest moments of meaning to our lives in the end.

6) Be real but encouraging. We all have different responses to our treatment. So I’m not going to tell you that you’re going to suffer more or less when you are you and I am me. I will give you the best tools I know of so that you can use them to empower yourself. I will be here to encourage you along the way. You always have this community to go to in order to find someone who more closely relates to your specific circumstances and side effects.

***Disclaimer: This is currently a private Facebook group, but that can be subject to change.  As ALWAYS, consult your doctor before implementing anything I suggest. Remember, YOU are your own best advocate. I cannot guarantee the outcome of your membership in this group. Each survivor is different. You are also in control of how much or how little you get out of this membership. Due to the digital nature of this membership, there are no refunds.


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