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Would You Like to be a Model in Our Next PWCG Calendar?

Christine Lewis, Founder

It’s about time to give a face to breast cancer. Breast cancer patients are not numbers. We are NAMES. Breast cancer affects many women AND men, as patients and as those connected to patients. When you look at a breast cancer patient, there is a story behind every smile, every laugh, and every tear. We hope we can at least give others a glimpse into that story. Take a look at the beautiful woman on this page. Her beauty is obvious on the outside, but there is also a treasure trove of beauty in the story of her cancer journey – – and her life in general! Bonnie Vargo is the picture of what life can be like after surviving TWO scares with cancer. She also survived losing her house to flooding from Hurricane Harvey (and living many, many months in a hotel while her house was recovered). Her life story includes that of her devoted husband, who has been with her through her treatments of BOTH cancers. She shows that life can, indeed, go on after a cancer diagnosis, and it can unfold into a very abundant life of cheering others on, and encouraging others through their cancer battles. Bonnie jokes that she is the oldest model of our calendar, but I see a very young woman at heart. There are so many different stories of how breast cancer has impacted a person’s life. THIS is what Pink Warrior Calendar Girls is all about: giving breast cancer survivors a place to shine – –  recovering and rediscovering the beauty both outside and inside ourselves, giving HOPE to those who come behind us with such potentially devastating news. Inspiring others to LIVE, even through the most trying of times. If you take a look at our mission statement, you will also discover that PWCG strives to enable the breast cancer community to give back to causes related to our journeys: toward stage IV research, toward matching survivors with the newly diagnosed, and toward funding camps for children of breast cancer patients, survivors, and angels.

Our vision operates on a pay it forward basis. Through the sale of our current calendar we are reimbursing our efforts to pay it forward for new breast cancer survivors and fighters to be in our future calendars. While we would love to provide free photo shoots to any survivor, regardless of a signed photo release form, we are not financially capable of doing this. Therefore, each and every one of our models must sign a photo release in order to participate for FREE in a photo shoot. Signing the photo release allows us to use models’ photos and videos in the promotion of our vision, and in the calendar itself. If a model fails to sign this form, they are taking money away from the vision because we cannot use their photos or videos in our calendars or videos without it. They are also taking a spot away from another model. They are taking this opportunity from a future breast cancer survivor to have a new way to celebrate all she or he survived. 

Something needs to be made abundantly clear. No one is  entitled to a free makeover or photo shoot. That is up to the discretion of those who operate PWCG.  Those who ARE allowed to participate in a free shoot will meet the criteria of being honest in their intents with the business and cause. This is spelled out clearly through the photo release form, and no one will be provided with an address to a free photo shoot without first providing a SIGNED photo release form. If a SIGNED release form is not received by Pink Warrior Calendar Girls PRIOR to a shoot, Pink Warrior Calendar Girls DOES have the right to escort that model off of the premises. Anyone who manages to get a photo shoot without this signed release will be held liable to pay for the cost of the photo shoot, including sitting fees. No pictures will be printed or made available to those who break this trust. If pictures are made on accident they will be destroyed if there is no compensation for those pictures produced. Those who break this trust of providing a signed release form are considered to be trespassing, whether they have “ill intent” or not. This has nothing do with being “rude” toward anyone, and EVERYTHING to do with operating this as it should be run because we have to be able to pay for our operations in some capacity.

It is quite forward and up front that any hesitation to participate in a photo shoot should require a person to step down and allow another survivor to take his or her place. Anyone hesitating to participate should not even show up to a shoot, and should let PWCG know that they do not want to participate, at least a month in advance of a shoot. People should also understand that they are not entitled to share behind the scenes footage. That is at the discretion of the owners and operators of PWCG, because they are technically intellectual property of Pink Warrior Calendar Girls and its collaborators.

This IS a business. While we are not expecting to make an incredible profit, you should understand that most of the money is going back into the business, toward promotion of the business, as well as to be donated toward benevolent causes related to breast cancer, and (yes) REASONABLE compensation is planned to be provided to collaborators behind the scenes. If money is provided to any participants as a charitable donation it is at the sole discretion of the owners and operators of PWCG. Lawyers and accountants are also allowed to be paid on retainer through some of the money profited from this venture. In no way are participants to expect compensation simply for being involved in a photo shoot. Their compensation is the glamour makeover and shoot, and nothing else. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, feel free to contact us through the contact form below. Please explain that you are interested in a photo shoot, to be included in a future calendar, and share a little bit of your story for validation. We will get back to you if we feel you are a good fit for our calendar, and if we have an open shoot in which you can participate. 


Would you like to model with PWCG? Email us at with the following information:

Name, a little bit about your or your nominee’s breast cancer journey, and information about where you’re from. We won’t share ANY of your information. We only do this to determine if your a good fit for any of our upcoming shoots. Treat this like an application, as spots are limited and we want you to give us your best impression!
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